Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control / Vol. 6, No. 4, 1996


1. Evolutions and Perspectives in Realising and Utilizing Computer Networks for Research & Development

Florin Gheorghe FILIP, I. POPA

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2. Simulation and Control Models’ Library for Ecology and Environment Protection

Florin STĂNCIULESCU, Victor POPA, Adriana ZAMFIR, Marius MINCĂ

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3. The INFORMASAS Programme, Accomplishments and Perspectives

Corneliu RĂUȚĂ, Adrian PETRE, Vasile JURUBESCU

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4. BBS – ICI

Florin HARȚESCU, Cătălin GIUGICĂ, Violeta ȚUIU

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5. An Expert System for Production Feasibility Decisions Support in Continuous Processes

Ofelia BUȚA

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6. Regarding the Unblocking of Existing Messages in the Network

Marius MINCĂ

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7. Dynamic Partitioning of the Graphic Databases’ Crossing Space


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8. Aspects regarding the Main Entities of the Information System for General Cadastre and Real-estate Ads.

Angela lONIȚĂ, Costin PRIBEANU

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9. R & D European Programmes in IT, Communications and Telematics Field and the Romanian Organizations’ Participation Chances. The COPERNICUS Programme

Wölken Klaus

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