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Copyright and Terms Related to the Use of the Website

The entire content of <rria.ici.ro> website is the property of I.C.I. Bucharest (The National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics) and it is protected by Copyright law and intellectual and industrial property rights legislation. The use of any of the elements listed above, without the agreement of I.C.I. Bucharest, is punishable by law.

The users can access the website without being asked for their personal data. For proper functioning, the website can set cookies. The users’ access to the website is subject to compliance with these terms and conditions.

The users of <rria.ici.ro> are guaranteed unlimited access to this website only for their own personal gain and stated purposes. Users have no right to download or modify the website, in whole or in part, to reproduce it, in whole or in part, or to copy or exploit it in any other manner (for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of the institute).

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

According to Law no. 677/2001 on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to the Processing of Personal Data and the Free Movement of Such Data, amended and completed, and Law no. 506/2004 on the Processing of Personal Data and the Protection of Privacy in the Electronic Communications Sector, I.C.I. Bucharest undertakes to process the personal data provided by the customers in a safe manner and only for the specified purposes.

Personal data (including Personal Numerical Code, email address, etc.) will be used by I.C.I. Bucharest exclusively for the stated purpose of this website: invoicing and communication processes. The information requested in the order form will be used to send order confirmations, recommendations on articles, press releases, news, etc. to their customers.

I.C.I. Bucharest does not make public or sell the databases containing information about the personal data of its customers. The main purpose of data collection is the invoicing process.

The orders can be fulfilled only if the customers provide this data. The information requested and recorded is intended for use by the operator and is not communicated to any natural or legal person, within Romania or abroad.

According to Law no. 677/2001, the customer has the right to access, to interfere with data, the right not to be subject to an individual decision and the right to seek justice. In addition, the customer has the right to oppose the processing of his/her personal data and to request an official deletion of the data which has already been collected. If some personal data is incorrect, the customers can send the correct information to the following email address <rria@ici.ro>. The Personal Numerical Code, the e-mail address, as well as other personal data provided by the customers will be used exclusively for the invoicing process and will not be made public.

Extent of Liability

The use of any registered trademark on <rria.ici.ro> does not represent an advertising for the respective company. The users of <rria.ici.ro> expressly agree that the use of this site and the subscription payments are performed at their own risk.

The information published on the site is made available to the public in good faith, from sources considered to be reliable. Please inform us (at the following e-mail address: <rria@ici.ro>) about any case in which either of the materials published on the website or any other information comes under Copyright law, in order to take the necessary legal measures.

Final Provisions

When the offer is launched and the subscriptions are paid, the customer unconditionally accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use, their value being equivalent to a contract legally and validly concluded. If any of the clauses previously presented is found to be null and void, the validity of the other clauses is not affected.