Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control / Vol. 15, No. 3, 2005


1. Maximization for Maritime Transport Networks

Vasilica BORDEA, Radu ANGHEL

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2. Educational Robot System for Navigation

Mihaela M. OPREA, Nicolae ALDEA

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3. A PKI Analysis – Complete Protection of Just Another Security Scheme?

Cristian MARINESCU, Nicolae VOICU

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4. The CSS Techniques used in Implementing an Educational Web Portal

Dora COARDOȘ, Cornelia loana LEPĂDATU

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5. Alphabet Orthogonality

Ion IVAN, Daniel MILODIN, Marius POPA

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6. ICI Contribution in TBNI Logistic Platform Model Definition to International Multimodal Transport in the Area of North Bucharest Distribution Freight

Gabriela Rodica HRIN, Lucian Emanuel ANGHEL, Mihaela TOMESCU

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7. To a Definition of the Group Locality: Symmetry Measures

Cristian LUPU

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8. Modelling of High Complexity Systems with Applications


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