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Diagonal quasi-Newton method based on minimizing the Byrd-Nocedal function for unconstrained optimization Neculai ANDREI PDF
Identifying and Prioritizing the Cultural Factors Affecting the Successful Implementation of Knowledge Management in the Industry of Electronic Insurance Services by Using the Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Method Erfan ARAMOON, Vahid ARAMOON PDF
A critical space infrastructure perspective on Romanian national security Olga BUCOVEȚCHI, Alexandru GEORGESCU, Marilena LAZĂR, Carmen CÎRNU PDF
e-Participation Platform for Facilitating Citizens Involvement in Smart City Initiatives Ionuț PETRE, Antonio-Marcel COHAL, Radu BONCEA PDF
Hyperautomation to fulfil jobs rather than executing tasks: the BPM manager robot vs human case Guillermo LASSO-RODRIGUEZ, Kay WINKLER PDF
Interception of P2P Trafic in a Campus Network Merouane MEHDI PDF
Mobile investigations – capture, analyze, and store sensitive data Adrian Victor VEVERA, Deniss Bogdan ONOFREI-RIZA PDF
Design and analysis of maximum power point tracking algorithms for PV/Wind hybrid system Oumlkheir BOUCHIBA, Tahar MERIZGUI, Bachir GAOUI, Saliha CHETTIH, Ali CHEKNANE PDF
Internet of Things framework development using Fuzzy approach Changiz VALMOHAMMADI, Kobra DEHBASTEH PDF
System Analysis of the Technological Processes Stability Viktor YEHOROV PDF
NI4OS-Europe project – support for the National Open Science Cloud Initiative Adrian-Victor VEVERA, Dragoș-Cătălin BARBU, Gabriel NEAGU, Ella CIUPERCĂ PDF
A multi-criteria approach for selection of simulation software products based on Matter Element method Constanţa Zoie RĂDULESCU PDF