Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control / Vol. 30, No. 3, 2020

Public policies in the digital age

Electra MITAN, Daniel SAVU


The study of public policies has a multidisciplinary character and brings together economic and administrative sciences, decision theory. The focus is now on the digital society, by developing an ecosystem for citizens, administration and the business environment that achieves sustainable development goals and supports the democratic process and social rights. Public policies respond to and solve the problems highlighted by society through coordinated action programs. The paper presents definitions and taxonomy of these policies and focuses on the digitalization of administration. Tools and techniques for making public policy decisions but also methods and tools for collecting, monitoring, evaluating information are presented, in order to strengthen the capacity to obtain and use data for a more accurate analysis. The e-PP_portal portal facilitates the presentation and development of specific activities related to public policies, namely: definition, analysis, models, decision, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, carried out in a flexible framework and a collaborative environment. It can be easily accessed to manage basic activities in the decision-making process (elaboration of forecasts, policies, strategies, etc. As a working tool, a questionnaire is presented to illustrate the study of citizens’ perception of decision-making transparency at the administration level and the involvement in the decision-making process. In the Conclusions paragraph is underlined the need to implement e-government services for citizens to collect information on the basis of which the decision is motivated.

Digitization, Modeling, Evaluation, Public Policies

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Electra MITAN, Daniel SAVU, "Public policies in the digital age", Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control, ISSN 1220-1758, vol. 30(3), pp. 89-106, 2020.