Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control / Vol. 19, No. 2, 2009


1. Software Application Integration – A Case Study

Ciprian IAMANDI, Daniela SARU, Ștefan MOCANU

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2. Some Esthetical Valences of the Spatial Interconnecting Locality

Cristian LUPU

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3. The Integration of the Application for Electronic Commerce

Ion IVAN, Leonard SĂCUIU, Daniel MILODIN

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4. Realization Specification Regarding the Impact of m-services and m-commerce Solutions Approach Over Services` Market in the Digital Era – MSERVDIG


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5. Position Determination of an Aerial Receiver Using Acoustic Detection

Neculai ANDREI

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6. Testing, Modeling and Simulation of Magnetorheological (MR) Damper Contribution

Constantin TABACU

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7. The Optimal Choice for Supplying the Railroad Capacity of the Trans – Carpathians Lines


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