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Art. 04 – Vol. 21 – Nr. 4 – 2011

Platformă digitală pentru managementul informaţiilor oferite de Bibliografia Naţională Retrospectivă a cărţii româneşti

Doina Banciu
Dora Coardoş
Vasile Coardoş
Institutul Naţional de Cercetare-Dezvoltare în Informatică – ICI Bucureşti

Rezumat: Sistemul SIMBNR este un instrument bibliografic de interes naţional, care oferă posibilitatea de acces on-line la informaţiile cuprinse în bibliografia naţională retrospectivă a cărţii româneşti, utilizând sisteme de baze de date şi tehnici multimedia. Pornind de la fondul de informaţii obţinute în procesul de digitizare al celor două tipuri de bibliografii – Bibliografia Românească Veche (BRV) şi Bibliografia Românească Modernă (BRM) – componente ale Bibliografiei naţionale retrospective a cărţii româneşti, SIMBNR este un sistem integrat destinat administrării, regăsirii şi valorificării acestui fond de informaţii culturale. Sistemul dispune de două componente principale: componenta de creare, încărcare şi gestionare a bazei de date bibliografice şi componenta on-line de regăsire după diferite criterii şi consultare a informaţiilor bibliografice.

Cuvinte cheie: platforma digitală, bibliografie naţională retrospectivă, BRV, BRM, baze de date, portal WEB


Introducere: Bibliography is “the thread designed to guide us along the maze of many writings”, is “a universal language between libraries and scholars of scientific and literary world”.

New information technologies, studied and theorized by the information and communication science make it possible to eliminate all barriers of space and time which saddle the use of information and to bring us much closer to the concept of global library.

Through the i2010 initiative, continued with the 2020 Digital Agenda, there were envisaged the stimulation of European economic development, encouragement in creating digital content, improvement of preservation and expansion of public access to organized collections of    digital material.

Creation of digital content has become a necessity in the information society. Undertaking this activity, in a coherent way, is one of the determining factors in an effort to impose Europe as “the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy“.

Romania, as an EU member state, can enrich the cultural collective memory with a valuable cultural and scientific heritage, offered to users worldwide, in a consistent manner, in accordance with European standards.

The library system in Romania, through its collections, infrastructure and computer system, through the specific services offered to users, represents the appropriate environment for implementation of the national policy for digitization, preservation, digital preservation and on-line accessibility to information resources.

Capitalisation and dissemination of the information contained in the very valuable bibliography of Romanian literature, old and modern, required the creation of an on-line alternative to consult this information, using multimedia technologies in order to obtain a faster user access to it.

New digital technologies make the access, storage and transmitting of information increasingly easier and more accessible.

Any information can be accessed using built-in search engines, that allow easy retrieval based on a particular category, content or Web page.

Through a portal, information can be managed and accessed more easily; therefore, one can say that a portal is the first step towards a better management of information.

Portals are meant to guide users to areas that are interesting from everyone’s point of view, and to manage the information more efficiently. They group together several services that make the research activity easier and more enjoyable; this is why we can acknowledge their presence in all domains.

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Concluzii: The main objectives of the On-line Integrated System for the Management of the National Retrospective Bibliography of Romanian Book were:

  • Saving of the written cultural heritage by transferring it onto electronic media, reducing direct physical access to the original papers and performing of special works for restoration, conservation and preservation;
  • Providing open access to all digitized national written heritage, using this heritage in cultural, education and research activities;
  • Capitalizations of documents from the national written or printed heritage.

The main functions of the Web platform for conservation and capitalisation of information from the Romanian National Library refer to:

  • Information management (gathering information, processing information, storing, delivering information to the user in a useful and attractive manner);
  • User management (registration, granting access rights, personalization, interactivity, securing private data);
  • System administration.


SIMBNR, research project coordinated by the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, in collaboration with, the Romanian Academy Library, was conducted from 2009 to 2011.

The combined efforts of the two institutions created a modern alternative, using multimedia technologies, increasing the degree of accessibility for the Internet user to the content of the National Retrospective Bibliography of Romanian Literature.

The National Retrospective Bibliography of Romanian Literature can be accessed on-line at Web address http://simbnr.ici.ro/bnr/.


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