Multiple Attribute Decision Making, One subject for Lifelong Learning

Cornel Resteanu
Institutul Național de Cercetare – Dezvoltare în Informatică, ICI București

Ion Văduva
Universitatea din București

Marin Andreica
Academia de Studii Economice

Rezumat: The decisional process is a multitude of human activities, consisting mainly in the realization of the existence of more than one possible course of action in a certain given context, the analysis of their consequences with respect to the envisaged goal, the choice and the implementation of the action that is considered optimal in the axiological perspective that has been adopted. Every person currently makes decisions in his/her social live, from the pre-school years to post-retirement. The problem is: are these optimal?! The paper presents a set of tools for enhanced learning of making optimal decisions using the Multi-Attribute Decision Making paradigm.

Cuvinte cheie: ICT for content, creativity and personal development, LLL and key competences, Enhanced learning technology, Multi-attribute decision making.

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Cornel Resteanu, Ion Văduva, Marin Andreica, Multiple Attribute Decision Making, One subject for Lifelong Learning, Revista Română de Informatică şi Automatică (Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control), ISSN 1220-1758, vol. 16(4), pp. 147-154, 2006.