Interception of P2P Traffic in a Campus Network

Merouane MEHDI
Electronics Department, University Blida, Algeria

Rezumat: Nowadays, many universities face bandwidth saturation problem caused by several origins. These include youtube abusively use, online games and especially illegal downloading that makes havoc to Peer-toPeer protocol e.g. BitTorrent. The latter is often associated with data piracy and copyright violation. This article aims at presenting on one hand the impact of the use of Peer-to-Peer file sharing traffic on campus bandwidth by observation of BitTorrent traffic and on the other a method for limiting the illicit access to this kind of networks. For this purpose, we used a set of open source tools like wireshak sniffer software to capture Bitorrent traffic. Additionally, using the well-known Snort intrusion detection system with a number of adequate and new rules one can reduce bandwidth saturation problem. This solution allowed in our case, a bandwidth saturation reduction of 35%.

Cuvinte cheie: Intranet, P2P traffic, BitTorrent, µtorrent, Bandwidth, Snort IDS.

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Merouane MEHDI, Interception of P2P Traffic in a Campus Network, Revista Română de Informatică şi Automatică (Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control), ISSN 1220-1758, vol. 29(2), pp. 21-34, 2019.