Using the Big Data  and IoT   Technologies in the Field of Healthcare

The National Institute for Research & Development of Informatics – ICI Bucharest,
8-10 Mareşal Averescu Blvd., 011455 Bucharest, Romania,

Abstract: This paper presents the main approaches of new IT technologies used in healthcare. These technologies refer to Big Data, Big Data Analytics (BDA) and Internet of Things (IoT). The new Big Data technologies can help physicians choose the correct and faster treatment, based on information collected by another healthcare professional. Patients can benefit from more appropriate and on time treatment to be better informed about health care providers. The BDA addresses the challenges generated by: the increasing share of unstructured and multi-structured data generated by highly prolific and widespread data sources (such as social networks, sensor networks, the Internet of Things) and the growing gap in the amount of important data and the ability to process them in time for decision support. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of devices that consist of sensors that measure the environment, elements that send response reaction, processors that manage and store generated data, nodes that coordinate the management of these. IoT stands for smart home appliance applications and services, healthcare applications, and more. For the efficient processing of information generated by IoT infrastructures, it is essential to use the Big Data and BDA solutions in order to capitalize on their decisions in beneficiary communities. These solutions, BD and BDA, relate to capturing and analyzing data, examining and storing large volumes of data, and securing confidential data. The paper also includes authors’ suggestions on developing strategic measures / recommendations for using Big Data in Health domain.

Keywords: Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Healthcare.

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