Theoretical considerations about establishing the Internet domain reputation

Mihail DUMITRACHE1,2,3, Ionuț-Eugen SANDU1, Adriana-Meda UDROIU1, Cristian-Alexandru GHEORGHIȚĂ1,4
1 National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest
2 Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest
3 Academy of Romanian Scientists, Bucharest
4 Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, University Politehnica of Bucharest,,,

Abstract: This paper presents a scientific approach regarding the existing technologies and methodologies for establishing the reputation of an Internet domain, as well as some considerations related to the introduction of artificial intelligence techniques for the dynamic monitoring of the domains. The work is part of a research project whose purpose is to ensure the degree of trust given to domains against malicious activities in the Internet space by automatically monitoring them and offering solutions to keep data safe. The huge number of newly registered domains, the proliferation of malicious domains that represent attack vectors for DNS servers are the main causes that require finding an automated solution for establishing the reputation level of each domain. By establishing the level of reputation of the domain/domains owned, their future users (authorities, state institutions, private companies, individuals, etc.) will have a correct image of the degree of trust of the used domain, thus, creating a safer Internet space. Along with the classical techniques for establishing infested domains (blacklist) currently used by DNS administrators, the automatic detection tools presented in the paper have the advantage of fast detection and automatic updating of possible compromised domains.

Keywords: DNS reputation, malware, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet domains, cybersecurity, pasive data.

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Mihail DUMITRACHE, Ionuț-Eugen SANDU, Adriana-Meda UDROIU, Cristian-Alexandru GHEORGHIȚĂ, Theoretical considerations about establishing the Internet domain reputation, Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control, ISSN 1220-1758, vol. 33(1), pp. 81-92, 2023.