The influence of job quality on the performance improvement in the research, development and innovation activities

Dragoș Daniel IORDACHE1,2, Costin PRIBEANU1,3, Irina CRISTESCU1, Alexandru BALOG
1National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest
8-10 Mareșal Alexandru Averescu Av., 011455, Bucharest, România
2 The University of Bucharest
3 The Academy of Romanian Scientists,,,

Abstract: Among the professional factors that influence performance in the research-development-innovation (RDI) activities are: quality of occupation, organization and management in RDI activity, professional development and organization resources. This article analyzes the influence of job quality in increasing the performance in RDI activities. The analysis was structured on three categories of factors that depend on the quality of employment, the quality of work and the professional development. The professional factors that have a great influence on performance (the average above 3.50) and that are linked to the quality of work are: salary level, flexibility of work schedule, work autonomy, job stability, individual work development program, and specialization stages.

Keywords: research & development, innovation, professional performance, job quality, work quality, RDI.

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