The impact of the human dimension on decision support systems

Aurelian BUZDUGAN, Gheorghe CAPATANA
Moldova State University;

Abstract: The human dimension has a critical role in the development and use of decision support systems. In order to ensure that the quality and performance of computer-supported decisions is high, the human dimension needs to be assessed during all phases of system development. Furthermore, the domain and context in which the systems will be used may impose additional requirements. For example, domains in which safety and security are a primary concern require continuous training of users and advanced systems that are adjusted to the requirements. In this paper, we will evaluate the implication of the human dimension within a decision support system for cyber risk management in critical infrastructures. We will analyze the impact that this dimension has upon the decision support systems and propose solutions on how to overcome or better manage known limitations caused by the elements of the human factor. We will discuss also how the proposed solutions and recommendations can increase the efficiency of decision support systems used in critical infrastructures.

Keywords: human dimension, information systems, decision support systems, cyber security.

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Aurelian BUZDUGAN, Gheorghe CAPATANA, The impact of the human dimension on decision support systems, Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control, ISSN 1220-1758, vol. 31(3), pp. 31-44, 2021.