Secure IT Evolution Short Analysis

Mircea-Constantin ȘCHEAU1*, Călin Mihail RANGU2, Cătălin UDROIU3
1 University of Craiova
2 Financial Supervisory Authority
3 Integrisoft Solutions,,

*Corresponding author: 
Mircea-Constantin ȘCHEAU 

Abstract: Billions of people have access to the online environment through which runs financial transfers or personal data. The boundaries of cybercrime are particularly diffuse. The critical areas are in the focus of the offenders. The balance of profits and losses can be seriously prejudiced if the directions of international bodies are ignored. Defensive systems can become casualties due to poor management or lack of investment. The phenomenon can be overcome only by a mature approach, one that is professional and that takes full responsibility. The article attempts to underline the role of the IT infrastructure in the light of technological evolution and some of the effects that can arise. The proposed defence strategies have as objective fulfilling the readers expectations.

Keywords: connection, vulnerability, attack, malware, cryptography.

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Mircea-Constantin ȘCHEAU, Călin Mihail RANGU, Cătălin UDROIU, Secure IT Evolution Short Analysis, Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control, ISSN 1220-1758, vol. 30(2), pp. 95-108, 2020.