RRIA – Vol. 9 – No. 2 – 1999




Florin Stănciulescu
Telematic Systems. Applications.

Florin Harțescu, Cătălin Giugică, Nicolae Ciorobea
Automated Monitoring System for the Environment Data

Dan Buzuloin, Cătălin Ciocoiu
A Geographically Distributed Database for Ecology

Victor Popa, Mina Boboc, Victoriana Popa
Access – A Database for Ecology and Environment Protection

Florin Stănciulescu, Victor Popa, Mina Boboc, Clara Nichel
New Library of Simulation and Control Models with Application in Ecology and Environment Protection

Scientific Event

WMC’98 Western MultiConference on Computer Simulation

Book Reviews

Scaling Limits and Models in Physical Processes

Topics in Nonlinear Analysis