RRIA – Vol. 6 – No. 2 – 1996



Research & Development in Information and Communication Technologies


Virgiliu N. Constantinescu
Information Day

Ion Iliescu
Speech delivered at the Workshop on R&D in I&TC

Mircea Petrescu
R&D in IT and Applications to Informatization in Romania

Marius Guran
R&D and Information Infrastructure, as a Basis for the Development of Romanian Society

Florin Teodor Tănăsescu
Romanian R&D in I&TC in a Changing and Cooperative World

Florin Gheorghe Filip
Information Technologies and Exploitation of the National
Cultural Heritage

Vaidotas Abraitis, Snejana Angelova, Cene Bavec, Michel Bosco, Reinhard Büscher, Maria Carbone, Nicolae Costake, Jerzy Ganczewski, Jean-Michel Chassériaux, Matjaż Musek, András Siegler, Aurel Ščehovič, Rudolf Štefec, Klaus Wölcken
The Path to the Information Society in the Central and Eastern
European Countries