RRIA – Vol. 3 – No. 3 – 1993


Angela Ioniță


Angela Ioniță
Land use Management Systems

Marius Niţu, Angela Ioniţă, Ilie Romeo
Modular GIS Environment – INTERGRAPH Solution for Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Angela Ioniţă, Ştefan Elian, Marius Niţu
Geographical Information System – A Management Tool

Angela Ioniţă, Tudor Macovei
3-D Modelling in GIS

Angela Ioniţă, Marius Niţu, Romeo Ilie
A GIS Based Approach to DSS in Marketing

Angela Ioniţă, Tudor Macovei
Object-Oriented Models for Data Management in GIS

Marius Niţu
Object-Oriented Regression Analysis

Marius Niţu, Tudor Macovei, Dragoş Dobran
3-D Geometrical Modelling Techniques Based on B-Spline Surfaces for CAD of Ship’s Software Hulls

Applied Software

Dragoș Dobran, Marius Nițu
An Algorithm for Raster-like Image Panning, Zooming and Scaling

Radu lonicioiu
On a Periodical Iterative Transformation

Scientific Events

IASTED Symposium on Modelling, Identification and Control,
Innsbruck, Austria 15-17 February 1993

Information Technology in the World

Environment Protection as a Challenge to Applied Informatics

Visualised Reality

Geometrical Continuity of Parameterized B Curves: Construction of Continuous Geometrical Spline Curves

Book Reviews

Computer standards & interfaces – the international journal on the development and application of standards
for computers, data communications and interfaces – North Holland, vol. 14, number 4, 1992

Microprocessing and microprogramming – the EUROMICRO JOURNAL

Computer Networks and ISDN Systems – The International Journal of Computer and Telecommunications Networking