RRIA – Vol. 3 – No. 2 – 1993


Aristide Predoi
ESPRIT Programme and How It Relates to European Research: Now and Tomorrow (Part I)


Josef Romulus Weingärtner
Integrated Complex Systems and Methods and Techniques for Their Analysis

Vasile Sima
Global Convergence of Stochastic Adaptive Algorithms

Theodor D. Popescu
I/O Models-Based Change Detection in Dynamic Systems

Florin Buzuloiu
Model and Algorithm for Sufficient Predictions

Dragoş Bugă
Open Systems – A Topicality

Rodica Hrin, Lucreția Pîrvu, Maria Bouruc, Victoria Hărăbor
Open Systems – Context, Concept, Characteristics

Rodica Hrin, Lucreția Pîrvu, Maria Bouruc, Victoria Hărăbor
Open Systems – A Guide

Vasile Cîrtoaje, Otilia Cangea
Drilling Activity Automation – Drilling Tool Modelling (Part I)

Research centres

Dragoș Bugă
Technology Transfer Centre for Testing and Training in DSS

Gabriel Neagu
Research Areas Investigated by Computing Department of University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology

Scientific Events

Octav Popescu
European Association of Computational Linguistics ’93 Conference

Dragoș Bugă
Computing Technique International Fair – CEBIT `93

Information technology in the world

A First Evaluation of CEC Call for Co-operation Proposals in Science and Technology

East Meets West: Scientific and Technological Co-operation within a Larger European Context

Book Reviews

Electronic Data Interchange. Streamline Business Communications

Applied software

Moise Cocan, Dorin Bocu
A Model for Switching Channels Design and Optimization

Florin Bică, D. Constantinescu
dBASE-Based Modelling of an Operative Production Schedule in Technologically Oriented Subunits