Art. 03 – Vol.26 – No. 3 – 2016

An OpenShift Ecosystem Review

Mădălina Zamfir

Ştefan Preda

National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics, ICI Bucharest

Abstract: In this article we performed an analysis on OpenShift ecosystem, considered a representative approach to Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions and an extremely used open source system in present. The article describes the advantages of the architecture and the main components of the new version of OpenShift v3 system, the installation steps of the system and the management steps of an application on a local OpenShift platform, in order to present its functionality on a PC or notebook.

Keywords: OpenShift, Kubernetes, Docker, Vagrant.

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  1. ZAMFIR, M.; NEAGU, G.; FLORIAN, V.; VREJOIU, M.; STANCIU, A.; PREDA, Ş.: Experimentare platformă Open Source de servicii Cloud pentru activitatea de cercetare-dezvoltare. Faza de elaborare 2 – Instalare soluţie Open Source şi experimentare servicii, raport de cercetare ICI, proiect PN 09230408, decembrie 2015.
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