Art. 01 – Vol. 21 – No. 4 – 2011

Information Literacy Instruction,
an Important Tool to Educate
the Academic Library Users

Doina Banciu
University of Bucharest, Bucharest, România
Agnes Erich
Valahia University of Târgovişte, Târgovişte, România

Abstract: Currently, the society faces increasingly more and more with a digital environment, whose impact is observed on all sectors of social and economic life, influenced also the university training, too. Thus, it is required to introduce in training, whatever field, an information literacy course to develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills concerning the construction, processing and communication of information. The university library plays an important role in the field of scientific research providing educational support for universities in achieving their objectives. Information literacy instruction must be one of the courses offered by the university libraries that aim to educate their users on how to become literate to cope with knowledge-based society.  In this paper we try to demonstrate the importance of information literacy instruction, as an important tool to inform academic library users about its collections, services and other activities, in order to stimulate them to use the library for supporting and developing their learning and scientific research processes. Also, based on questionnaires completed by students from Valahia University of Targoviste we try to obtain a feedback from them regarding their expectations concerning the utilization of the on line databases.

Keywords: information literacy; academic library; on line databases; knowledge society

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