Art. 03 – Vol. 21 – No. 3 – 2011

Tendencies in the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

Mihaela Tomescu
Daniel Savu
National Institute for Research & Development of Informatics – ICI Bucharest

Abstract: The article presents information regarding the Rich Internet Applications (RIA), being identified and described the main platforms used in developing RIAs. Also, in the article there is provided consistent information regarding the future of RIAs. The Rich Internet Applications are Web applications that use data which can be processed both on server-side and on client-side. In computing, a platform means a specific type of hardware and software architecture which allows software execution. The platform includes: hardware architecture, operating system, programming languages and user interface (libraries and graphic interface). The growing importance of Rich Internet Applications will create additional pressure on software developers in the future. For this reason, Web engineering approaches for RIAs must be continuously improved to meet the increasing demand for such applications and to ensure the expanding of the range of applications.

Keywords: Rich Internet Application, interactivity, scalability, reliability, security, performance, predictability, 3D technology.


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