Art. 01 – Vol. 21 – No. 3 – 2011

The informatization of environmental monitoring
for sustainable use of water on Terra

Mihai Tertişco
Risantea Găgescu
Petru Junie
Cristian Eremia
Universitaty Politehnica of Bucharest

Abstract: The paper presents some results of the scientific research for PhD thesis, regarding the climate change on Earth and pollution of the environment, that affect water and threaten life on the planet. It is suggested the monitoring of biosphere, hydrosphere, and soil, using wireless sensor systems in order to measure the intensity and pace of climate change. The research is based on recommendations of the First Intergovernmental Conference on monitoring the environment (Kenya, 1974), organised by the Steering Committee of the UN Programme related to environmental issues.

Keywords: Sustainable development, monitoring, wireless sensor networks, The first intergovernmental conference on monitoring the environment (Kenya, 1974).

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