Art. 07 – Vol. 21 – No. 1 – 2011

Tuning Controllers to the Identical Model Objects in the Cascade Control System

Irina Cojuhari
Student Ph. D, Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei, Chişinău, Moldova

Abstract: A tuning algorithm of linear controllers P, PI, PID in multiple-loop feedback control systems is proposed in this paper. The control objects consist of two subprocesses, which are described by dynamical model with identical objects with inertia. A tuning algorithm of linear controllers in internal and external contour are tuning in conformity with the maximal stability degree method. In the internal contour are used controllers P and PI, in the external contour are used controllers P, PI, PID. There are using the iterative procedure, for determinate the optimal tuning parameters of controllers P, PI, PID. The procedure is used to solve a particular example of tuning controllers P, PI, PID in multiple-loop feedback control systems.

Keywords: multiple-loop feedback control system, tuning of controllers, internal contour, external contour, non minimal phase, time delay, maximal stability degree method.

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