Art. 06 – Vol. 21 – No. 1 – 2011

Evaluation of Intalio BPM Tool

Mădălina Zamfir
National Institute for Research & Development of Informatics – ICI Bucharest

Abstract: Intalio provides an alternative for business process modelling (BPM) tools. The advantages of the provided solution are wide standards support, clear and well established user interface and low price for especially the modeller part of the tools. The evaluation method consists of comparing the visual elements and capabilities of the modeller against the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). We evaluated a process model building with the instrument and obtaining a BPEL (Business Process Executable Language). The modeller is usable, and supports BPMN elements well enough to be used for everyday modelling. The tool has some stability issues. No evidence of non-conformance to BPEL standard was found.

Keywords: Intalio Designer, bpmn, bpel

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