Art. 02 – Vol. 21 – No. 1 – 2011

Preliminary Development of LibEval Model for Quality Evalution of On-line Libraries

Alexandru Balog
National Institute for Research & Development of Informatics – ICI Bucharest

Abstract: The paper presents researches conducted for the development of LibEval model, a system for on-line libraries quality evaluation. For the development of LibEval model it has been used a frame methodology for development, testing and validation of the model. Special care was given to the preliminary development of the model by defining the concept and identifying the dimensions and the evaluation criteria. The evaluation criteria were used in testing the model by conducting a survey based on a questionnaire. There are also presented the preliminary results of the survey, and the output obtained from the statistic analysis of data.

Keywords: online library, digital library, evaluation model, quality evaluation, measurement scale, questionnaire-based survey.

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