RRIA – Vol. 2 – No. 3-4 – 1992


Cătălin Dumitriu, Lucia-Cristina Dumitriu
General Model for Automatic Control of Hierarchical Electroenergetical Systems

Research Centres in Automatic Control and Information

Gabriel Neagu
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique – INRIA, Rocquencourt

Institute for Informatics and Applied Mathematics in Grenoble

Scientific events

Florin Stănciulescu
AMSE Conference “Signals and Systems”

Information technology in the World

Obtaining Copyright: On Behalf of the Author or on Behalf of the User

CTOS – An Outsider Got To Be An Operating System of the ’90s

Poor Countries Chosen for Informatics Development – An Ongoing Process

Book Reviews

A Proof Theory for General Unification

Applied Software

Draga Bălan
An Algorithm Implementation