RRIA – Vol. 2 – No. 2 – 1992


Math. Mircea Râureanu


Math. Mircea Râureanu
Logical Evaluation of Requests in the framework of Relational Systems

Math. Cristian Cserveny
Languages for Deductive Data Base Definition

Eng. Sabin Chiricescu
Negation in Data Base-Oriented Interpretation of Logical Programs

Math. Elena Manoilă
Semi-naive Evaluation of a Rule System related to a Request which contains Connected Variables

Math. Mircea Râureanu, Eng. Sabin Chiricescu
Administration Languages for Complex Objects

Math. Mircea Râureanu, Econ. Virgil Duţescu
A Intuitive Look over the Complex Object-Oriented Data Model

Ing. Radu Bercaru, Ing. Șerban Voinea
Problems and Solutions in the Object-Oriented Data Base Technology

Scientific Events

Eng. Gabriel Neagu
Research Institute in Informatics and Automatics – INRIA

Math. Florin Buzuloiu
Regarding the Informatics Activity within the Nuclear Research European Center – CERN

Econ. math. Gabriela Florescu
IFORS International Conference regarding Transition to Advanced Market Economies

Support Systems for Decisional and Negociation Processes

Informatics around the World

Juridical Weapons against Viruses

EDI Systems Implementation – a View of the Management Staff

Automation of Evidence and Control over the Technological Design Stage of the Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Flexible Manufacturing Systems Design for Assembling Operations

Book Reviews

Graph-Based Proof Procedures for Horn Clauses

Object-Oriented Data Base Programming

Intelligent Databases

Computational Systems Analysis. Topics and Trends