RRIA – Vol. 2 – No. 1 – 1992


Eng. Nicolae Comănescu 


Eng. Dumitru Petre Popescu 
CIM – Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Eng. Domide Adrian
Architecture of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems

Eng. Constantin Sâmbotin, PhD
Automation of Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Eng. Liviu Zuzu, Math. Carmen Bobeanu, Eng. Roxana Lăzărescu, Math. Mihaela Pal
Computer Simulation of Manufacturing Process in CIM Systems

Eng. Doina Buta
Automatic ldentification by Bar Codes in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems

Scientific Events

Adrian Totu
The International Congress on CIM

Anca Herman
Bern Agreement and Suggestions for a Possible Codicil to it

Information Technology in the World

Alexandru Chirciu
IBM Compatible and APPLE Computers

Between UNIX and MS-DOS – Myths and Realities

CIM in Wood Industry

Dumitru Petre Popescu 
A guideline to CIM

Gabriel Sonea 
Fractal Transformation Compression

Anca Herman
Software Security


Gabriel Sonea
Der Computer als intelligentes Arbeitsmittel
(The Computer as an Intelligent Working Tool) by Johannes Krötenheerdt

Applied Software

Math. Viorica Madan, Math. Maia Ungureanu
SOL/PC Simulation System

Eng. Vasile Sima, PhD
LATEX – A Software Product for Producing Documents