RRIA – Vol. 1 – No. 1 – 1991



Prof. Dr. Eng. Mihai Tertișco
The Romanian Society for Automatic Control and Information Technology (SRAI)

Dr. Math. Florin Păunescu
The National Commission on Informatics


Dr. Eng. Florin Gh. Filip
New evolutions in system analysis for the creation of decision support systems

Prof. Dr. Eng. Mihai Tertişco, Prof. Dr. Eng. Călin Soare
The robust stability of linear systems

Eng. Nicolae Comănescu
Trends in the evolution of computer-aided design systems

Prof. Dr. Eng. Sergiu Călin
Discrete event systems – promising field of modern automatic control

Dr. Eng. Theodor D. Popescu
Detecting change in the spectral characteristics of numerical signals

Scientific events

Florin Stănciulescu, PhD
The AMSE international conferences

Adriana Alexandru, Luminiţa Todor
The IASTED international symposia

Information Technology in the World

Victoria Haiduc 
Software protection

Victoria Haiduc
A highly rated profession: jurist in information technology

Victoria Haiduc
Restructuring at BULL

Victoria Haiduc
Visual basic – pseudo-compiler at everyone`s disposal

Gabriela Florescu
The advances in fuzzy logic in Japan

Book Reviews

eng. Gabriel Sonea
Angewandte Optimierung (Applied optimization)
by J. Varga

math. F. Buzuloiu
Sums, Trimmed Sums and Extremes
by Marjorie G. Hahn, David M. Mason, Daniel C. Weiner

Application Programs

eng. Alexandru Tertişco
dBASE CLIPPER compiler

eng. loan Tăbuş
Introduction to MATLAB language

eng. Marina Meilă-Predoviciu
SIMNON – simulator for continuous and discrete systems

V. Sima