Art. 04 – Vol. 25 – No. 4 – 2015

Security in IDN Technology for Domains Registered in ROTLD


National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest

Abstract: The Internet resources use the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) characters. In 1996, Martin Dürst proposed for the first time the introduction of characters other than ASCII in association with Internet resources, and the first implementation was made possible in 1998 by Tan Juay Kwang and Leong Kok Yong; the necessity for introducing other character sets came from spreading of computer utilization in areas such as China, Japan, Russia, areas that don’t use ASCII characters. Romanian, as a language, has five diacritics (ă, â, î, ş, and ţ), and words with diacritics have a totally different meaning compared to words with similar spelling but without diacritics. For instance: “paturi” (beds) and “pături” (blankets).

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Using diacritics helps identifying correctly the resources allocated to the such words, and reduces the risk of errors. The National Registry for .ro Domains Administration – RoTLD – has introduced this facility, only for domain names that contain the above mentioned diacritics, since the 2nd of June 2015.

Keywords: IDN, .ro domains, ROTLD, cybersecurity, internationalized domain name.


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