Art. 10 – Vol. 25 – No. 1 – 2015

Perceptual Modeling from Teleological Perspective – Implications for the Development of Autonomous Intelligent Agents

Bogdan Enciu

National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest

Abstract: This article presents some of the results of the development of ideas expressed in [4] materialized as a conceptual model that was meant to be a support for the implementation and testing of applications that highlight specific aspects of perception using for this purpose a set of methods, techniques and algorithms. The context did not allow such an implementation although the analysis of certain structural components of the model was performed to the level that can be developed in project form and then the components can be implemented for a particular application. A series of cognitive foundations are described as elements underlying the model, and to strengthen the point of view, also logical and philosophical arguments. The research was done independently not for originality but to reach an understanding based on a certain cognitive vision. It describes a significant module and for its implementation two possible approaches are presented.

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Keywords: perception, model, teleology, action, autonomous agents, machine learning.


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