Art. 02 – Vol. 25 – No. 1 – 2015

MOOC Projects Based on Numerical Calculation Metacognitive Strategies

Nicoleta Liviana TUDOR

Petroleum University of Ploieşti
Departament for Information Technology, Mathematics and Phisics

Abstract: This paper describes a connected, open and collaborative learning model based on Massive Open Online Courses. The numerical calculation MOOC projects will be exemplified for algebraic and transcendental equations numerical solving and will be developed on the e-Learning platform The functionality and efficiency of the MOOC projects will be highlighted by traffic and log events analysis for the discipline Computer Programming, for which the numerical calculation projects are developed.

Keywords: MOOC projects, connected, open and collaborative learning, algebraic and transcendental equations numerical solving, Mathcad solution, interactive teaching methods, metacognitive strategies.


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