Art. 02 – Vol. 24 – No. 4 – 2014

ROTLD – Supporting the Access to Information


National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest

Abstract: Aiming to ensure functionality and a more stable operation of the Internet, allocation of Internet unique resources (domains, IP addresses, protocol numbers, port numbers, and so on) is centralised and administrated by IANA (Internet Assignment Numbers Authority). For the .ro country code, ICI Bucharest was delegated to manage the .ro domain.

In this context, the RoTLD Registry has developed over time a high performance system for registration and administration of .ro domain names, meeting nowadays’ security requirements.

This paper highlights the basic rules in registering .ro domain names, along with current tendencies in the development and implementation of new and important services such as IDN and DNSSEC.

Keywords: RoTLD, DNS, Domain Name System, DNSSEC, Domain Name System Security Extensions, .RO Domains Registry, IDN, Internationalized Domain Name.

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