Pilot platform for identification and evaluation of early warning indicators in crisis management

Vasile Florin POPESCU1, Victor GÂNSAC2, Olivia COMȘA2, Marius Sorin PISTOL2,
Cristian ICHIMESCU1, Călin Mihai RANGU3, Mircea-Constantin ȘCHEAU4, Cătălin CIOACĂ5

1 „Carol I” National Defence University of Bucharest, Faculty of Security and Defence
2 SAFETECH Innovation
3 „Danubius” University of Galați, Business Administration and Economical Sciences Faculty
4 Constanța Maritime University & University of Craiova
5 „Henri Coandă” Air Force Academy, Faculty of Aeronautical Management
Popescu.VFlorin@unap.ro, victor.gansac@safetech.ro, olivia.comsa@safetech.ro, pistolsorin@icloud.com,
Ichimescu.Cristian@unap.ro, calinrangu@univ-danubius.ro, mircea.scheau@edu.ucv.ro, catalin.cioaca@afahc.ro

Abstract: Given the realities that we are experiencing in the Ukraine crisis, with military and financial-banking implications, the need to develop and implement an early warning platform in case of crisis or disasters has arisen. This work addresses this need, with expertise in defence and security, financial-banking and cybersecurity domains, and creates a platform specialized in identifying and evaluating early warning indices for crisis management. The goal is to provide state-of-the-art early warning systems that help the population at risk to avoid crisis situations, while serving as decision support tools for various authorities (Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Intelligence Services, Financial-banking systems) when confronted with a crisis situation similar to the one from Ukraine.

Keywords: alerts, data acquisition and analysis, templates and classification, integrated identity, modelling and processing, command and control center.

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Vasile Florin POPESCU, Victor GÂNSAC, Olivia COMȘA, Marius Sorin PISTOL, Cristian ICHIMESCU, Călin Mihai RANGU, Mircea-Constantin ȘCHEAU, Cătălin CIOACĂ, Pilot platform for identification and evaluation of early warning indicators in crisis management, Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control, ISSN 1220-1758, vol. 32(2), pp. 51-64, 2022. https://doi.org/10.33436/v32i2y202204