National Library of Programs: the Prototype extension with New and Advanced Services

Art. 03 – Vol. 27 – No. 2 – 2017

Ion Alexandru MARINESCU


Daniel SAVU
National Institute for Research & Development of Informatics – ICI Bucharest

Abstract: The National Library of Programs (NLP) is a digital software library developed by ICI Bucharest, which provides information and access facilities to various software products developed in Romania. This article presents the process of redesigning the NLP prototype system, as well as new advanced services such as evaluation, recommendation and notification of software products, to assist potential beneficiaries in identifying optimal software according to their requirements. The redesigned NLP system aims to adapt to the current information society’s needs and the main directions of SNCDI 2014-2020 by diversifying the offered content, as well as simplifying the ways of accessing information and disseminating it through new electronic services. Modern technologies such as Oracle Aplication Express (Oracle APEX) 5.0, hosted in the ORACLE 11g R2 database, along with HTML5 and Web 2.0 standards provide a modern, flexible environment for the NLP system development.

Keywords: National Library of Programs, software, content management, informational society, Oracle APEX, Web services.

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