Monitoring System for the Indicators of Information Society

Art. 02 – Vol.26 – No. 3 – 2016

Doina Banciu

Ionuţ Petre

Dragoş Smada

Alexandru Gheorghiţă

National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics, ICI Bucharest

Abstract: In the European Commission’s view, smart growth means strengthening knowledge and innovation as drivers of the expected increase. This requires improving the quality of our education systems, strengthening performance in research, promote innovation and knowledge transfer in the Union, making full use of information and communication technologies and ensuring that innovative ideas can be turned into new products and services that create growth, quality jobs and help address the challenges that the European society faces nowadays. In this context it is essential that either progress or setbacks of the digital society to be constantly monitored in order to have a vision of success, or rather, the lack of success achieved by the strategies of the European Commission and therefore Member States and have proposed and assumed by Digital Agenda 2020. The web system developed to monitor the indicators of the implementation of the Digital Agenda of Romania is a useful platform to create an accurate and realistic vision of Romanian digital society and to measure the degree of achievement of the objectives set by the Digital Agenda.

Keywords: digital society, Digital Agenda, Digital Agenda indicators, implementation monitoring.

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