Modernization of the National Software Library system using Oracle APEX Environment

Art. 02 – Vol. 25 – No. 3 – 2015


Ion Alexandru MARINESCU


Institutul Naţional de Cercetare – Dezvoltare în Informatică, ICI Bucureşti

Abstract: The paper proposed for publication presents the modernized system of the National Software Library (NSL). The objective was to facilitate the information of the public administration, business environment, software producers and other categories of interested users, on the available software, resulting in diminishing the acquisition and operating costs, increasing the interoperability of information systems in public administration and stimulating the competitiveness of producers / suppliers of software. The system redesigning was achieved using HTML5 and Web 2.0 standards provided by Oracle APEX. Thus, advanced content management features have been included to integrate, into a unified structure, new tools support for importing, storing, tracking, and publishing content in accordance with the specific rights granted to the users. Modernized NSL system provides two service categories: Web services and administration services.

Keywords: NSL, digital content, content management, APEX, software, Web services.

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