Matematicus, a simple language for transcribing mathematical formulas for the blind

Mircea BUCUR
„Cartea Călătoare“ Foundation
4 Bârsei Str., bl. H, st. 2, ap.29, Focșani, Vrancea, 620080, Romania

Abstract: For most of the information you come across daily or if you want to read a book, to orientate, to understand the surrounding world, to perform everyday activities, you rely on your sight and thus on your eyes. But what if you were born blind? Are these things still ordinary? In order to lead an independent life, blind people need a vast range special made devices and assistive applications. Taking this into consideration as well as the limited access to technical literature, Matimaticus was invented. It is a simple and light transcriptional language of mathematical formulas for the blind.

Keywords: mathematics, informatics, blind.

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