Journal Sponsorship

The Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control (RRIA – ISSN 1220-1758 Print; 1841-4303 Online) is a scholarly journal published by The National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics (ICI – Bucharest), one of the leading R&D institutes in Romania.

Since 1991, RRIA has been published without interruption by ICI – Bucharest, an institution founded in 1970, whose mission is to develop scientific and technological support needed for creating structures and services required by the knowledge-based information society.

From the date of its commencement the editorial office of this quarterly publication has been located at ICI-Bucharest head office while the journal has been partially funded by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research.

The editorial policy of this journal is autonomous in terms of opinion and conduct; thus, it is not subject to the authority or jurisdiction of the above agencies or their specialised departments.