IoT Platforms – Current Solutions and Evolution Trends

Gabriel NEAGU
Mihnea Horia VREJOIU
Ştefan Alexandru PREDA
Alexandru STANCIU
National Institute for Research & Development of Informatics – ICI Bucharest

Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) became one of the defining paradigms of today’s world, element of revolutionary, quantitative and qualitative transformation of our cognition and interaction with the environment in which we are living and working day by day. In recent years, many solutions to interconnect intelligent objects in systems with various scales and objectives have been developed. We are already talking about smart cities, smart homes, digital health, various industrial processes or environment polution monitoring etc. This paper presents a review and an analysis of the existing offer of IoT platforms, as well as evolution trends in their field. Several relevant IoT solutions have been studied, selected on the basis of reports and reviews published in specialized literature or on web sites of some specialized consulting companies or publications. Comparative evaluation criteria for IoT hardware and software platforms have been identified and selected. Also, some trends and perspectives on the short and medium term evolution of IoT platforms have been analyzed and  are presented, both in the context of the developments of specific technologies and under the pressure of the requirements of the IoT ecosystems communities.

Keywords: IoT ecosystem, IoT platform, IoT marketplace, cloud, PaaS, SaaS, communication protocol, REST API, data confidentiality and security.

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