Informational Content and Services Diversification Offered by the New System of the National Software Library

Art. 01 – Vol.26 – No. 3 – 2016

Lidia Băjenaru

Ion Alexandru Marinescu

Mihaela Tomescu

Daniel Savu

National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics, ICI Bucharest

Abstract:  The article presents the process of redesigning the prototype system of the Software National Library considering the trends of new information society and new technologies, and also their role in emergence and development of new electronic services to stimulate innovation. System redesign is carried out on the model of software repositories available internationally in order to provide a flexible and secure environment for national central storage, for Romanian developers and suppliers. The new BNP system provides support to nationally control and manage the software development and / or dissemination.

The BNP prototype system redesign consists in development and integration of new services, and also in introduction of new advanced content management features by using the Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) 5.3 declarative development environment hosted in ORACLE 11g database. As a result, a convergence will be obtained between user expectations and services offered by the BNP system through the new information technologies.

Keywords: National Software Library, software, content management, information society, Oracle APEX, Web services.

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