Identifying Research Paper’s Originality Using Intrinsec Plagiarism Analysis

Art. 03 – Vol. 25 – No. 3 – 2015

Mădălina ZURINI

Bucharest Academy of Economic Sudies

Abstract: Within the paper, the concept of intellectual property is presented in the context of publishing scientific papers. The level of originality derives from the analyses of intellectual property, a defining component presented in antithesis with the concept of plagiarism. In a further analyses, the main methods of plagiarism identification are presented, concentrating on the intrinsic plagiarism using a proposed metric for evaluating the writing style of an author in accordance to the semantic approach. The proposed metric is tested using a dataset formed out of 17 research articles conducted by an author over 13 years. The interpretation of the results highlights the advantages brought by adding a semantic layer evaluation to the current analysis.

Keywords: stylometry, plagiarism, metrics, originality.

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