Aim and Scope

The Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control (RRIA) is a scientific journal whose main objective is to actively sustain authors (scientific researchers, professors, professionals), but also faculty/university, post-graduated and PhD students with high quality information on topics mainly related to Information Technology, Automation and Control Engineering, Computer Science and other sciences connected to these areas.

The Editorial Board, which is responsible for the overall performance of the journal, is composed of professors from around the world and experts in the subject areas that the journal focuses on.

RRIA also aims to efficiently promote and disseminate the scientific information to the benefit of different specialists, both within the Romanian Institute for R&D in Informatics (ICI) as well as outside of it (in academic, technical or governmental communities), with regard to the new technologies, products, systems and services required by the knowledge-based information society.

Through its pages, the journal gives priority to quality and relevance and offers useful information, case studies, product presentations, best practices examples, events and solutions which can be implemented in different areas such as: business, health, administration, industry, environment protection, alternative energy, information security, information technology, education and culture.

Peer Review Process

The double-blind peer review process carried out for the Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control (RRIA) is similar to the international regular practices for scientific journals. First, every manuscript is reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief, who decides whether the submitted manuscript is appropriate for the journal. Second, the manuscript is reviewed by two anonymous referees, who may suggest authors to make some adjustments or improvements of the paper.

All the papers submitted to the journal are going to be checked for plagiarism by making use of a reliable antiplagiarism software.

In order to guarantee the integrity of the double-blind peer review process, both the referees and the authors remain anonymous. This measure represents a method of avoiding any sort of partiality. In consequence, the authors of the manuscript are advised to delete their names or other information regarding their identity from the article and to furnish their contact information on a distinct document.

The authors should revise their work according to the editors’ suggestions and then submit the manuscript in its final version.

The referees only offer recommendation for accepting a manuscript with or without observations or for rejecting it from being published, but the final decision belongs to the Editor-in-Chief. The articles accepted by Editor-in-Chief are published upon receiving the final versions from the authors.

The double-blind peer review is a helpful and laborious process. Nevertheless, the publishing intervals would exceptionally be longer than three months.

Publication Frequency

The Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control (RRIA), whose commencement publication is dated way back to 1991, is published quarterly (one volume per year beginning in March) by the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest.

Open Access Policy

All the published articles can instantly be searched, read and printed as PDF files on the website, without the author’s or publisher’s approval, based on the assumption that a stronger development and dissemination of knowledge can be sustained by a free and permanent access to scientific articles. Also, the authors do not pay an open access fee.

Moreover, while most open-access publishers charge fees for publishing articles, there is NO publishing article processing charge (APC) for the authors or their funding agencies to pay for the publishing service of all the papers previously accepted for publication in RRIA, while  there is a permanent link for the readers to access the full text of the articles.


The Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control aims to ensure high ethical norms in terms of excellence for all parties – authors, editors, peer reviewers and publishers. In consequence, this journal subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

RRIA also recommends the authors to be aware of these ethical standards before submitting their manuscripts for possible publication in this journal.

Website user

The website users can freely search, read and print as PDF files the articles published on the website only for their benefit.  In consequence, they are not allowed to rewrite, alter, develop or/and produce a different version upon the articles for commercial purposes.