CYBER-PHYSICAL-SYSTEMS (CPS) – A Crucial Factor in the Innovation and Knowledge-based Economy

Art. 05 – Vol.23 – No. 4 – 2013

Ioan Dumitrache
National Institute for Reasearch & Development in Informatics, ICI Bucharest

Abstract: Following the evolution of computer science and technology, computer engineering and communications, global networks, along with the embedded architectures în interaction with physical processes have paved the way în recent years for the emergence of a new concept known as Cyber-Physical-Systems (Systems of Systems). Unlike conventional systems, which preserve the identity of every component, CPS-s embed their components, enabling new capabilities such as an enhanced functional safety, lower costs, a higher efficiency and an interconnection capacity within complex structures. CPS-s, as highly innovative systems, are appliable în all fields of human activity (from autonomous cars to integrated transport systems, intelligent buildings, cities, companies and transportation systems, smart grids, telemedicine and medical assistance, business, the economy of ecosystems etc.), they are collaborative, adaptable and interoperable at all levels of abstraction (technical, architectural and functional).

Keywords: Cyber-Physical-Systems, smart grids, global networks, knowledge-based economy, management.

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