Friday , 22 January 2021

Contributions to the Demythisation of the Bipolar Junction Transistor

National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest
8-10 Mareșal Alexandru Averescu Av., 011455, Bucharest, Romania

Abstract: The Bipolar Junction Transistor (further referred as BJT) remains an interesting scientific topic. Explanations dedicated to this device generally resort to mathematic or circuit models, thus offering less substantial information based on physical phenomena. Aiming to correct what we consider to be a deficiency, this paper wishes both to present some intuitive explanations on the functional features of the Bipolar Junction Transistor and to emphasize some concepts and denominations that the author considers rather misleading or imprecise.

Keywords: Bipolar Junction Transistor, “amplification”, intuitive explanation, physical explanation.

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Dragoş NICOLAU, Contributions to the Demythisation of the Bipolar Junction Transistor, Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control, ISSN 1220-1758, vol. 29(2), pp. 113-122, 2019.