An Experimental Application of IoT  Software Platform Type

Ştefan Alexandru PREDA, Mihnea Horia VREJOIU
National Institute for Research & Development of Informatics – ICI Bucharest,
8-10 Mareşal Averescu Blvd., 011455 Bucharest, Romania

Abstract: The term Internet of Things (IoT) has become a(n almost) common one today. The number and diversity of physical objects (devices) connected to the Internet and incorporating the technology for sensing and communicating their internal state and to interact with it and with the external environment, have increased steeply. In recent years, the need to collect and store huge amounts of data they provide in dedicated, centralized/localized or distributed (cloud) infrastructures, as well as to get value from these data through analytics techniques by using specialized services, have led to the development of many solutions for interconnecting these smart objects in systems with different scales, objectives and features. This paper presents an own experimental development and implementation of such an IoT software platform, initially with a relatively small set of specific functionalities, as basis for potential future developments, deployments, and expansions. The architecture, components, functionalities and functional links involved are described, as well as some implementation and usage specifications for the most important of them.

Keywords: IoT platform, Cloud, Smart objects/devices, Sensors, Microcontroller, Communication protocol, REST API.

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