Computer Modelling of the Process of the Rollover of the Vehicle

Art. 06 – Vol. 21 – No. 3 – 2011

Cristian–Ion Stoian
Cosmin–Nicolae Andrei
Mabriond Auto SRL

Abstract: This article deals with investigation of the possibilities of the program PC Crash for the computer modeling of the movement of vehicles. The computer modeling of the process of rollover of the automobile with the help of the program PC Crash is presented. The cross profile of the road, the height of the centre of gravity of the vehicle and the other parameters are evaluated while modeling. The influence of the introduced parameters upon the computer modeling results is investigated. The possibilities of application of the computer modeling programs in the expert assessment of the traffic accidents are considered, the items on reliability of the results of modeling and the requirements, raised towards the experts, who work with such programs, are analyzed.

Keywords: vehicle, rollover, computer modeling, traffic accident, sequences.

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