Case study on online social networks impact evaluation in eGovernment

Eugenia TÎRZIU
Dragoş Daniel IORDACHE
National Institute for Research & Development of Informatics – ICI Bucharest

Abstract: This research analyzes the extent and the way in which many romanian local public administration institutions are currently using social media, involving citizens in active collaboration within society. This research provides empirical references, analyzes opportunities and challenges for more effective e-Government processes and to provide better public services. In the same time, there are highlighted the main issues that local public institutions need to take into account when managing the transition to operations in a social media environment. For the data collection and analysis, the case study was structured on the basis of a set of indicators and metrics in order to evaluate the impact of three social networks (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) in e-Government.The analysis of the results shows that Facebook is the most commonly used online social network by local government institutions in Romania, followed by Twitter and YouTube.

Keywords: online social networks, e-Government, public administration institutions..

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