Blockchain technology and food traceability

Ilinca-Andreea MARIN
Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest

Abstract: Blockchain technology offers a wide range of applications that go beyond cryptocurrencies. This technology is expected to radically transform a large number of industries, from health and law, to real estate and banking systems. Blockchain technology has the potential to completely revolutionize the agricultural industry.
The route of goods from producer to consumer is a complex one that makes it difficult to track and manage goods. However, Blockchain technology contains records and details of transactions along the route to help fully distribute the goods and reduce cases of fraud or illegal harvesting. (The Modex Team, 2018).
In this paper I will analyze the benefits of blockchain technology for agricultural stakeholders, as well as how this technology works in agriculture.

Keywords: traceability, transparency, smart contracts, supply chain, producer-consumer relationship.

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Ilinca-Andreea MARIN, Blockchain technology and food traceability, Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control, ISSN 1220-1758, vol. 31(2), pp. 125-130, 2021.