Autotesting the Distributed Informatics Application with Offered Content

Ion Ivan

Cristian Ciurea

Daniel Milodin

Abstract: There are described the types of distributed applications. There are identified classes of errors that affect the quality of distributed applications. Are given modalities to eliminate errors in these applications. For a number of applications are presented experimental results.

The auto-testing is specific for the development process. The development cycle consists of stages, and the testing is performed both within each phase, and in the end, in order to take either the decision to be implemented or the decision to continue the development cycle by making corrections.

Auto-testing proceeds moving to a next step and determining this transition. It is executed by those engaged in the current stage.

Auto-testing is different from testing, both by objective and tasks, and by persons who carry it out. If testing is performed by specialized personnel, auto-testing is achieved by all those who have conducted activities under each phase. Auto-testing returns to compare what was done with what has to be done, as shown in the specifications.

Keywords: auto-testing, on-line applications, errors, quality.

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Ion Ivan, Cristian Ciurea, Daniel Milodin, Autotesting the Distributed Informatics Application with Offered Content, Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control, ISSN 1220-1758, vol. 19(3), pp. 29-42, 2009.